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Watermelon {139|365}

1 Aug

The staycation is officially over, and it’s time to gear up for work tomorrow.  While Asheville would have been wonderful, I have never felt this rested after a vacation.  Our staycation was exactly what we needed this summer.

As I prepared for dinner tonight, it was time to cut into the watermelon from the Farmer’s Market.  Nothing says summer like a perfect watermelon, and a beauty it is!  Great minds must think alike as the Auntie shared her watermelon cutting photo today.  I am very impressed with her food styling with all the fabulous crystal serving pieces.  It sure beats my newspaper and cutting board!  Way to go Auntie!


The Commissary {138|365}

31 Jul

Well the staycation is winding down, but not before we made a trip to one of our favorite BBQ places, The Commissary.  I had been craving BBQ for several weeks, and this was the perfect time to indulge the craving.  Hubby had lunch today with a former student at Payne’s BBQ on Lamar Ave.  As we were trying to decide on dinner, I shared my BBQ craving.  Being the loving Hubby that he is, he sacrificed by having 2 BBQ meals in one day so I could have my BBQ dinner.  Isn’t love grand!

Trolley Stop Market {137|365}

30 Jul

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After yesterday’s agenda of mostly chillin’, we had tons of errands to do so we could check them off our list.  (I just love checking things off my list, don’t you?)   Part of our errands took us to Macy’s at the mall where we took in some interesting sights (legs being pushed through the store and some red-chested men)!  Our list for the day also included our first visit to the Trolley Stop Market on Madison Avenue.  Even though we arrived well after the lunch crowd, it was still packed and organized chaos greeted us at the door.  Hubby and I selected a picnic table near the front windows so we could enjoy people-watching, and it was an interesting crowd indeed.  The food is from local farmers and suppliers, so whatever is in season is what you will find on the menu.  I selected a meat-and-2-sides plate while Hubby got a vegetable plate.  We started with a bowl of cornbread and sliced locally made bread.  My plate included smoked sausage, corn salad (with corn cut right from the cob) and cucumber salad.  Hubby had turnip greens, garlic mashed potatoes, spinach spanakopita, and broccoli salad.  Everything was great and obviously fresh from the farm.  The Trolley Stop Market is open Monday – Saturday 8:00am to 9:00pm, and we will most certainly be back.

Mind Candy {136|365}

29 Jul

Today I enjoyed lots of time to read what I call “mind candy.”  It’s kinda like junk food for the intellect (you know it’s not good for you, but you partake anyway!).  Literature it is not, but no book report will be written or book club discussion follow  My current vacation selection was installment #3 in the Brides Quartet by Nora Roberts, Savor the Moment.  I knew from the first page that “boy gets girl” but it sure is fun seeing how they get there!  And I’m just a sucker for “happy ever after” endings.

Harvest Bounty {135|365}

28 Jul

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For our staycation activity today, Hubby and I planned a trip to the Botanic Gardens Farmer’s Market.  I love picking from the fresh produce with plans of what to create for dinner.  We found beautiful blueberries, vibrant red Better Boy tomatoes, unusual yellow zucchini, perfectly sized sweet potatoes, corn in the shuck for grilling, wonderful butter beans and a personal watermelon for a cooling dessert.  With all that great produce in tow, I assembled my kitchen tools and went to work.  Within 90 minutes we sat down to a fabulous meal of baked sweet potatoes, squash/zucchini casserole, butter beans, sliced tomatoes and blueberry cornbread waffles.  I love cooking in the summer.  Yummo!!!

Late-breaking update!!!  Dessert at Jerry’s Sno Cone…

Voting and Grilling {134|365}

27 Jul

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Today’s staycation agenda was a full day.  After a 4 1/2 mile bike ride along the Tuckahoe Greenway, we had breakfast at The Pancake Shop (Hubby had a coupon) and then made our way over to the local precinct for early voting.  No line or waiting, yeah!!  We also made a stop at Charlie’s Meat Market for their special hamburger patties for Hubby to grill out for dinner.  With a yummy dinner of grilled burgers fully loaded and grilled corn on the cob served alfresco in our secret garden, it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

PC Dog and Movie Night {133|365}

26 Jul

Hubby and I had made plans to do some bide riding on our vacation in Asheville, so even though our vacation trip had to be canceled, we started our staycation with an early bike ride today.  After chilling out around the house, we decided for lunch we would try to replicate the pimento cheese hot dog we had at Good Dog in Chattanooga earlier this summer.  Ours was a lower-fat version with low-calorie bun and fat-free OM hot dog, but the pimento cheese from Holiday Ham was the crowning touch.  It was both good and good for you!  After dinner from Hubby’s grill with Youngest Son and his Girlfriend, it was off to movie night for a showing of Grownups.  A perfect way to end the first day of our staycation, with laughter and a smile on our faces.

The Verdict-Staycation {132|365}

25 Jul

Our repairman has diagnosed the problem, but the home warranty company will need to confirm the diagnosis and handle the repair.  They promised to try to make it out on Sunday, but we never heard from them again.  After much discussion, the decision was made to cancel the trip to Asheville.  With 2 dogs and Youngest Son at home, we would not have enjoyed our trip worried that the A/C would go out again, especially with the heat advisory we had been experiencing of late.  So a staycation it will be this year.  We will make the best of it and enjoy some R&R at home.  Plans are to ride our bikes, grill out, take in some movies (rented and at the theatre), and just chill out while waiting on the A/C unit to be repaired.  As of Sunday afternoon, Henry and Gracie were not too worried about it as they sunned themselves on the driveway.  And neither were we!