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Road Trip Chronicles-Part III {106|365}

29 Jun

On to the reception…

The reception was held at the Little Rock Country Club, but getting there was a bit problematic.  They handed out Mapquest directions to the reception, but of course they did not match GPS lady’s directions.  Even though we followed GPS lady turn by turn, she kept taking us in circles around the same block.  It became very frustrating, but finally we saw the car of someone from the wedding and began to follow them.  Eventually GPS lady kicked in and took us right to the country club on a route that allowed us a fabulous view of the Arkansas River downtown.

After arriving at the country club, we made our way inside and were wowed by the beautifully decorated glassed-in room overlooking the golf course and a wonderful view of downtown Little Rock glowing at night.  What a beautiful backdrop for the bride and groom’s first dance as the glow of the sunset enveloped the room.  Once the bride and her father had their dance, the party was on!  The groom’s family, firm believers in enjoying a party, showed us how it was done.  With the unbelievable band, The Rockets, it was one great song after another.

It became clear that it was time for the Auntie and I to exit the party (after sitting next to the band all night, my right ear was approaching deafness) and make our way back to the car, if we could find it.  It was daylight when we can in, and we thought it would be so easy to locate the car when we left, but NO.  After a bit of walking in our high heels, we did locate the car and begin to make our way back to the hotel, only getting lost in the country club parking lot for a few minutes (GPS lady couldn’t help us in the parking lot).  She finally got herself together and guided us right to our hotel with no detours.  Collapsing in the soft beds, the Auntie and I were out for the night having successfully celebrated our friend’s nuptials.

Sunday morning we enjoyed the free breakfast at the hotel and actually made fresh, hot waffles for ourselves.  It was really fun to sit, talk and watch the crowd come and go from the free breakfast buffet.  By the way, I forgot to mention that in Little Rock over the weekend was the World Taekwondo championships, so between the karate people (yes, I said it!), the wedding guests and other tourists staying at the hotel, we had prime seats for people watching.

Our trip back home was a quick and uneventful one, and we made a detour across the old bridge to miss the traffic backup.  In return for the detour, we had a beautiful view of the river.  All in all, it was a great road trip, celebrating with the new couple and with friends, great food and fabulous party.  What a weekend!


Road Trip Chronicles-Part II {105|365}

28 Jun

Road trip continued…

After our wonderful catnap, the Auntie and I went about our usual beauty routines in preparation for the wedding.  We were not to be outdone by anyone else on the guest list, and later discovered we had nothing to worry about.  Even though the church was only a few blocks from the hotel, our GPS lady was not in the mood to cooperate.  Between the parking garage at the hotel and the tall buildings downtown, the Acquiring Satellite notice became the bain of our existence.  After leaving the hotel in plenty of time, we spent way too much time driving around downtown Little Rock listening to GPS lady say “recalculating!”  I thought at one point we would be late for the wedding.  Upon arriving at the church, I had my first ah-ha moment; where was the parking lot for the church?  Well, it was right across the street from the church, but it was paid parking only.  I had made the logical decision to include in my little black bag (and I mean little) my driver’s license, 1 credit card, cell phone and a $20 thinking that would hold me for the evening.  Well, the parking was $.75 an hour or $3 all-day.  Neither the Auntie or I had small bills on us.  I had the $20 and the Auntie had $1 and a $20.  The Auntie says (and I quote) “I CANNOT have Brother’s car towed or a boot attached to his car!”  What to do?  Since we were already concerned about being late for the wedding, we had to put both of our heads together and think hard and fast.  All of a sudden, the Auntie sprang into action.  She says (and I am not lying) “Stand back and let me handle this.  I don’t want anyone to know you had anything to do with this.”  At that point she asked one of the guests if she could borrow $2 for parking, introducing herself as the bride’s receptionist.  Of course the person she asked worked with the bride’s mother!  How embarrassing, but at least we know how to get the money back to her.  I must say, if I was going into battle I would want the Auntie right by my side.  She took the bullet for me on that one.  We stuffed the money in the appropriate slot and made our way into the church.

The wedding was beautiful, and the bride could not have been more lovely.  The inside of the church was exquisite, and made a beautiful backdrop for the happy couple.  The joy of the wedding was only a prelude of the celebration to come at the reception.  We just didn’t know…

Road Trip Chronicles-Part 1{104|365}

27 Jun

Saturday went by in such a blur…so many activities and stories to tell that I can’t fit them into just one post.  Over the next few days the story of my Road Trip with the Auntie will unfold.  Hold onto your hats…here we go!

The trip to Little Rock was fairly uneventful except for the sudden downpour we found ourselves in.  In fact, it was so bad we had to pull over into a BP station in Earle Arkansas to wait out the flood.  And I do mean flood!  We had to search the BP parking lot for higher ground, but it was quite interesting to just people-watch at the BP station.  After the storm passed we made our way back onto the highway and followed our talking GPS lady into downtown Little Rock.

Speaking of the GPS lady…Hubby’s GPS has been programmed to speak in a woman’s voice.  I think that is quite appropriate since it is usually the women who have to give men directions anyway as they usually get lost or refuse to ask for directions.  Now if we could just get her to nag, yell or sound frustrated and exasperated, it would be perfect.  We could actually sleep through the trip with the GPS lady as our surrogate and arrive at our destination rested, relaxed and refreshed and on good speaking terms with the men.  But I digress…

Upon arriving at the hotel, we received a goodie bag prepared by the bride.  As you can see here, it contained everything you need for a wonderful wedding weekend…nuts, candy, protein, snack bar, water, champagne, whiskey, and finally, Advil!  What more could you ask for…how thoughtful of her. Since we had not had lunch, we went for the food first, saving the good stuff for later.

Speaking of lunch, on the recommendation of the hotel staff, we walked next door to Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro for a bite of lunch.  Quite an interesting place with a Moroccan theme and a menu that included anything and everything you could possibly have wanted.  We had been tipped off by the hotel staff that they served a dessert called Wedding Cake, so you know the Auntie and I had to try it since we were in town for a wedding.  And the Auntie calculated that it might be 7 hours before we actually got a piece of the real wedding cake, so we had to give it a try.  We split a piece since it was so big, and it really hit the spot.  Now fortified with food, we headed back to the hotel for a cat nap before the evening’s festivities.  Whew…more tomorrow!

Road Trip {103|365}

26 Jun

The Auntie and I are headed out today for a 24 hour road trip!  A friend of ours from the office is getting married tonight, and we will be there for the wedding and after-party.  I don’t want to call it a reception because that sounds a bit too tame.  I think this will be a real celebration with rockin’ band, dancing and…well, I don’t know what else, but we will be there to help the happy couple celebrate this wonderful new beginning.  Gotta go finish packing.  Watch for pictures and updates as the Auntie and I hit the road!