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Senior moment…

30 Jan

We rode our bikes up to YoLo for yogurt on Saturday. Upon reviewing the selection of flavors, this is the exchange I had with Hubby:

Me: What flavors are you getting?

Hubby: They have chocolate and peanut butter twist. Do you think that would be good?

Me: You had it last time we came.

Hubby: Did I like it?

’nuff said…


Spring day!!

29 Jan

Ready to Ride!

It was like a spring day even though it is the middle of winter.  Everywhere we went there were people out walking, running and riding bicycles.  Hubby dusted off the bicycles and we rode up to Huey’s for a burger for dinner and then some yogurt from YoLo.  Even though we were a bit winded and the muscles were screaming, it was a great respite from the cold and snow we have been experiencing.  It may be the boost we need to make it through the rest of winter season.

Snow Babies…

22 Jan

I know we have all seen them.  The “obligatory” pictures of children in the snow.  Especially in the South where we don’t get snow often (except for this year), it is a rite of passage to get the children all bundled up, take them outside and snap a candid photo of them playing in the snow.  This is my snow picture for the year… yes, my babies, Henry and Gracie, playing in the snow.  Enjoy!

Should we hibernate? Yes!

22 Jan

So far in January we have had 2 “snow events” which is very unusual for us.  Snow days are great as long as you don’t have to go to work (which is not the case for me).  But even after a long day of work, coming home to “hibernate” in the house is just wonderful.  As if you need a reason other than “just because”, check out this blog post from Whole Living Daily for Three Reasons to Hibernate on a Snowy Winter Day (As If You Needed One) – Whole Living Daily : Whole Living.

True Preps…

21 Jan

Upon seeing this photo of Hubby and me from 1983 (year we got married), Eldest son’s comment…

“Good to know Daddy has dressed the same for the last 30 years. Some things never go out of style!” 

Well said my son.

Office Space

14 Jan

Youngest son has been helping out at the office this week before he goes back to college from Christmas break.  Given the opportunity to select an office to work in while he was here, did he select an entry-level staff cubicle?  Noooooooo… he went straight for an empty manager office.  That’s my boy!!!


13 Jan

This is me in front of my Nanny’s house at 20 North Cooper, bunny in hand, celebrating Easter.  Priceless!!

Downton Abbey on PBS

9 Jan

After bemoaning to Hubby that there was nothing worth watching on TV, a random Twitter post alerted me to the new PBS Masterpiece Classic series, Downton Abbey, that started tonight.  What a joy!!  I sat on the couch watching the snow fall in the backyard and basked in the beauty of the costumes, scenery and sheer poetry of the writing.  If you love anything and everything British, be sure to tune in on Sunday evenings at 8:00pm CST.  I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

What a beautiful sight…

28 Nov


this morning as Gracie and I went for a very refreshing walk. The trees topped in their brilliant gold leaves appear to be glowing.

Where’s Baaby?

18 Nov


Ok, so it’s kind of like where’s Waldo except with Baaby. Now let me explain about Baaby. Hubby loves sheep so the Auntie buys him sheep when ever she finds them. Hubby carries one in his briefcase and I have Baaby with me on this trip. Whenever I can I will share pictures of Baaby as we visit NYC

Where’s Baaby? Way high up in the sky.