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Don’t Mess with the Auntie!

16 May

This morning I got to witness firsthand the Auntie in action.  As Hubby and I were leaving church we noticed police cars, an ambulance and overhead we heard a helicopter.  Confirming that it was a Hospital Wing helicopter, we made our way over to the church athletic fields where the helicopter was landing.  Not able to see any accident or reason for all the activity, we were puzzled by what was taking place, even assuming it was a test exercise to practice for an actual emergency.  We found out that there had been an accident between a motorcycle and a car in a spot in the road where the helicopter could not land, so they transported the motorcycle victim to the intersection to be airlifted for treatment.  Traffic was being rerouted in all directions with no direct route into the church parking lot.  Suddenly we heard one of the policemen yelling at a motorist to stop.  Through the crowd of police cars I watched as the Auntie pulled straight through the blockade, opened her door and with great intensity, went toe-to-toe with the “very large and in charge” policeman.  Since our phones were on vibrate for the church service, the Auntie was not able to contact us, and she was in a panic that we were the victims of the crash.  Once she convinced the policeman that she must find us to be sure were were safe, he cleared her on through the blockade probably still in shock that at that moment, he was not the one “in charge.”  As Hubby and I watched from the parking lot, it was like seeing a mother grizzly bear protecting her cubs at all costs (and I mean that with the utmost respect).  God help whoever dared to get in her way!  Once she saw we were safe and all were accounted for, including Youngest Son, she dusted herself off and made her way into church service.  We all know that the Auntie would fight to the death to protect her family, and today we actually witnessed it firsthand.  Just a warning – don’t mess with the Auntie or her family!


Thoughts on leggings…

23 Mar

Part of who I am is the person in charge of human resources at my office.  I also get to be the dress code police.  The following is a preemptive strike email to all the women regarding a hot new trend this spring – leggings:

As I was perusing the Sunday Style section in the Commercial Appeal I noticed the following information.
“Girls just want to have fun: Hope you like leggings, the trend from the ’80s, because they have just about replaced cropped pants. This will force you to buy a long top, preppy shirts and peasant blouses being the freshest choices.” Click here for the entire article –

I thought I would make sure we ladies are all on the same page as it relates to leggings since they will be a hot style item this spring and summer.  Leggings would not be considered appropriate business professional, business casual or Friday casual attire. 
While many of you would look attractive and totally “in-style” in leggings, personally that style is not for me.  The only time I wear anything close to leggings is when I walk my dogs in the morning during the winter and I get back to the house before the sun comes up.  In other words, it is pitch dark and no one can see me, except for maybe the bike riders that pass me, and they are wearing those tight bike pants anyway, so who are they to object to too-tight pants!  The only ones who see me in exercise spandex is my husband and my dogs (bless their hearts); but I digress.
If you truly feel the need to channel your inner 80’s persona, let’s go with the #10 Top Trend for Spring (according to Barbara Bradley) – Big Hair.  We do not have a business dress policy against Big Hair, so go for it!